Detailed Simplicity


There is a common thread between Big Ideas and TVNZ - communication. Both of our end goals are the same, to evoke a response across the spectrum of human emotion. Whether that be to entertain or to inform, the process of communication is always sparked with a feeling.

This mutual understanding of communication is the foundation of Big Ideas relationship with TVNZ. This is why we were entrusted with enhancing TVNZs first impression, being put to task to create clearly marked meeting rooms.

These are places where people discuss ideas, so the environment needed to have a visual energy about it, without being overwhelming and distracting. Detailed, simplicity.

Simple but bold oversized graphics punctuated the design.Translucent vinyl was used to stunning effect to create uniquely numbered rooms with an array of colours that correspond to each floor. The 4.8 kilometers of specialty vinyl would have exceeded tNZ national supply, but Big Idea’s never panics, and Computaleta came through in the nick of time, sourcing the vinyl from throughout the world.

Our collaboration with TVNZ continued when they wanted to bring their TVNZ 2 logo to life. The idea was to create an asset that could reinforce the brand through its use in interviews and promotional advertising.

Never ones to be swayed, we teamed up with Peter Stoneham from Atom Timing and students from Victoria University Wellington to create a logo using the latest tools of our trade- 3D printing.

An undisputed impact

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