Illuminated signage maintenance

Does your illuminated signage command attention like the Bat Signal?

Illuminated signage gives your brand ultimate presence on the skyline – day and night. There’s no better way to advertise your location than adorning your building with radiating logos.

However, when connections, modules and neon break down or reach the end of their life, all that remains of your magnificent illuminated logo is merely a ghostly apparition.

The investment in this style of signage is significant yet rewarding, yet they need regular upkeep to function at full beam.

Our commitment to you is to ensure that your illuminated signage is in peak running performance at all times. Not only can we repair your signs, but we will also put a schedule in place for ongoing maintenance.

For more information or to quote on your specific requirements, please contact our bright sparks:

Simon Parker – 0274 920 350 –
Murray O’Neill – 0274 920 320 –