3D Signage

3D signage is a great way to make your signage stand out literally! Choose from router or laser cut 3D letters, channel letter signs. Perspex can be used to give 3D letter signs extra dimension, or you can select illuminated 3D letters for a truly premium 3D signage.

3D signs are ideal for commercial building signage, as attention-grabbing retail signs or for creating a strong brand identity in your office reception signage. We’ve created 3D signage for a huge range of purposes including a 32 metre long illuminated 3D sign for a launch event, which was a striking sight with huge 3D letters across the lawn of a mansion at night.

An undisputed impact

  • Ross Hall standing next to BIG sign outside of premises, with large orange mountain bike
    Emerging Signage
    BIG lives nestled in the heart of Wairau, aka Advertising Alley. So how could we make our brand shout above the visual noise?

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