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Big Ideas plan, design and manufacture all types of outdoor illuminated signs including neon, LED and fluorescent tubes.

Our fabrication is created and installed from only the best materials. We are constantly searching the world for the latest technology and innovative ideas in illuminated signage.

We specialise in large sky signage for naming rights of city towers through to funky wall art to livening up the dullest of areas.

To capture traffic passing at night, or to show case your premium brand, illuminated signage will work for you. Illuminated signs can be channel or closed face; with neon, fluorescent or LED illumination; face-lit (internal) or halo-lit (backlit).

Open-channel neon signs

These type of signs are a great option for extra large signage. This option gives you the brightest form of light transmission available in illuminated signs.

LED illuminated signs

LED is the preferred option in illuminated signage today because of its low power consumption running 12-volt power supply. LEDs have proven to be long lasting and maintenance free. Because of the multi directional light source LEDs allow a thinner construction of lightboxes and acrylic faced channel letters.

Because of its electronic nature, LEDs can be programmed for colour change, fading colours, and unique sequences that will attract the eye.

There are no limits to what can be achieved using LED technology, but our most common application is illuminated signage fabricated to create face-lit or halo-lit letters and logos.

Lightbox signs

Fluorescent tube lightboxes make an extremely even illumination on any sign face. This fabrication method has been the industry standard for many years and has proven to still be one of the favored choices of illumination.

Illuminated signage can be fabricated in many different forms from double sided under veranda retail signs to double sided tavern signs through to large sky signage. Illumination is your 24 hour visual option.

We can mould and form acrylic to almost any shape and create stunning 3D illuminated signs.

Illumination has many different aspects and has unlimited uses such as art sculpture forms, furniture, accenting artwork, funky architectural effects in the home or the office, under car lighting, special effects in the marine sector and set designs.

We offer a preventative maintenance program on all forms of illuminated signage.

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