Roadside plinth Signage

Plinth signage will help your customers find you and help your business stand out from the rest!

You can choose to fully illuminate or partial illuminate parts of the sign, and depending on requirements can use a technique known as “cut-and-replace” which allows only the lettering to light up rather than an entire panel.

Most plinth structures are fabricated from aluminium or galvanised steel sub-frames and are cladded on the face with ACM. A sub-frame is fabricated and is embedded into a concrete footing in which the structure is supported by.

An undisputed impact

  • The Hangar freestanding plinths
    Freestanding Plinths for The Hangar, Catalina Bay
    BIG manufactured two free-standing plinths for The Hangar, an award-winning coworking space located in the heart of Catalina Bay.
  • Helicopter Me plinth signage for office
    Helicopter Me – roadside plinth and more
    The airbase at Mechanics Bay has been rebranded to Helicopter Me, with the main feature of a roadside plinth constructed at the front. The high visibility gives ultimate street exposure to the passing traffic.
  • Belmont Intermediate School sign mounted to school fencing
    School information signs
    Belmont Intermediate School wanted to update their appearance with modern roadside signage to provide information on current events and wayfinding for visitors to the school. BIG designed, fabricated and installed prominent wayfinding plinths including a practical new digital LED information screen at the entrance gate on one of the North Shore’s busiest roads.

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