A monster
truck for BIG kids

by  | Oct 29, 2017 | Vehicle signage


Believe it or not, this ferocious, behemoth monster truck was once an ordinary white 2016 Ford Ranger! It has little kids (and big ones) quivering in their shoes with excitement. Let’s break down the transformation:


• A 2” lift kit raised the suspension to fit 33” tyres

Black Rhino ‘Warlord’ wheels, painted in the famous BIG orange and blue

• Unique angular roll-bar and nudge-bar fitted at Utemaster in Thames – also colour-coded in 2-pot automotive to match

• Transformers-esque front grill individually custom-made in Thailand

• Lighting accessories – headlights, LED tail lights, LED driving lights, 200W spotlights – sourced from USA and Asia. Underbelly fitted with RGB colour-changing LEDs

• Vehicle body fully wrapped in Hexis SKINTAC HX20000, accurately matched to BIG’s PMS colours.


The six-week process, from ordinary factory ute to supersized kids’ toy, was one of those immensely exciting projects that the BIG team thrives on.