What's been Happening

building signage takapuna
Make your business stand out on the street with building signage that is simple, bold and clean.
building signage animal hospital
Building signage for the new state-of-the-art ARC animal hospital in Freemans Bay, Auckland
sports bar event signage
Working with Fuse Creative, we developed signage designs that transformed Schapiro’s Sports Bar into the ultimate Rugby World Cup venue.
caravan graphics breast cancer
The "Pink Campervan" is a mobile unit with vibrant, welcoming floral graphics to get people talking about breast health.
gold medal winners 2023
BIG came away with SEVEN awards at the New Zealand Sign Display Awards. Take a look at our winning projects!
AJ Park office signage
A fresh new look for AJ Park, with 3D elements in the office bringing a dimensional and premium feel to the signage.
bentley offices light installation
BIG designed the lobby area to bring the vision of intertwined historic and new Auckland City harbour and shoreline to life.
deloitte interior office wall mural
These thoughtfully crafted murals are a reflection of the distinctive location of Deloitte's North Shore (Auckland) office.