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Dutton Stormwater show stand with miniature truck on display

25 May 2021

Display stands for exhibitions and trade shows

We love working with our clients to design and build show-stopping display stands for exhibitions and trade shows.

Rebel Sport Building Signage

02 Mar 2021

Building signage exercise for Rebel Sport

Rebel Sport has recently undergone a branding refresh, so they needed building signage solutions that pack a punch.

The Hangar freestanding plinths

29 Oct 2020

Freestanding Plinths for The Hangar, Catalina Bay

BIG manufactured two free-standing plinths for The Hangar, an award-winning coworking space located in the heart of Catalina Bay.

custom display piece

29 Oct 2020

Custom display panels for dentsu

BC&F Dentsu approached us looking for a custom display piece to feature in their Cook St office. This is a striking art piece, standing...

external signage

29 Oct 2020

External signage for Forrest Funeral Services

Forrest Funeral Services requested a full external signage package for their premises in Browns Bay, Auckland. So, we proposed the best methods for giving...


11 Sep 2020

Rebranding for AB Marine

BIG took pleasure in rebranding the AB Marine with a simple, modern graphic. The new colours are striking, accompanied by a sleek logo device...

digital LEDs

11 Sep 2020

Advanced digital LEDs for Chorus sign

BIG produced a sign to display the four colour blends of the Chorus brand identity from the top of their building, twenty storeys above...

NZL60 boat graphics

11 Sep 2020

NZL60 refurbished and back on display

Sir Stephen Tindall has taken the initiative of refurbishing the famous America’s Cup boat, NZL60, for the upcoming 36th America’s Cup event. BIG reproduced...

Kiwi Commercial Cleaning

13 Jul 2020

Kiwi Commercial Cleaning vehicles

Kiwi Commercial Cleaning is a New Zealand owned and operated business with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility. The vehicles needed to represent...

St Johns golf carts

10 Jul 2020

Golf carts for St John

EmergeNZ requested for us to brand a group of golf carts in St John hi-vis yellow. They also required logos and emergency strips. The...

Event counter signage

16 Mar 2020

Event signage — Creating an atmosphere

The recently developed Westfield Newmarket Shopping Centre is home to Event's brand new cinema complex. Our team produced a full wayfinding and retail signage...

suspended signage for Xero

16 Mar 2020

Suspended signage – Xero in on the illusion

Xero approached BIG with a unique signage request: A large construction of "suspended" signage above an atrium between two building structures. We jumped at...

AT Metro green wrapped bus

10 Oct 2019

Bus wraps for Auckland Transport

green Inner Link.

America's Cup AC75

06 Sep 2019

Emirates Team New Zealand AC75 – the best boat yet

Emirates Team New Zealand christened their first AC75 "Te Aihe" at their team base in the heart of the America’s Cup village in Auckland.

Honeywell backlit signage

28 Aug 2019

Catching attention with Honeywell’s illuminated sign

When a building is exposed to 180,000 vehicles per day, it’s the ultimate canvas for brand exposure. Visible from the Auckland’s Victoria Park flyover,...

TV 2 old logo signage

28 Aug 2019

TVNZ 2 illuminated logo art

TVNZ wanted to make their TVNZ 2 logo come to life, to bring excitement to interviews and be used as a promotional advertising tool....

event cinemas

02 Aug 2019

Blockbuster movie displays

EVENT Cinemas joined forces with BIG to set the scene for an exclusive client event, premiering The eagerly-awaited movies Toy Story 4 and Men...

Genesis Energy sign being put onto building with crane

18 Jul 2019

Emirates Team New Zealand base

The home for the Defenders of the America's Cup 2021 is based at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour. Big Ideas Group is proud to be an...

Electric Vehicles - AC EV business sign, mounted to the top of building

18 Jul 2019

The power of illuminated signs

There’s no doubt that illuminated signs give a building the best street presence possible — day or night. Whether it’s for brand exposure or a...

Bar Glamp Grounds and Kitchens - red and gold sign

11 Dec 2018

Signage for eateries at Auckland Airport

If you’re planning international or domestic travel via Auckland, make sure you check out these two chic new eateries at Auckland Airport – Glamp...

Helicopter Me plinth signage for office

11 Sep 2018

Helicopter Me – roadside plinth and more

The airbase at Mechanics Bay has been rebranded to Helicopter Me, with the main feature of a roadside plinth constructed at the front. The...

Nautica Shipping and Logistics LED backlit signage

05 Sep 2018

Nautica office signage

Nautica Shipping & Logistics have moved into a newly-developed building on Karangahape Road in Auckland. BIG produced three signs displaying the Nautica logo –...

QBE light-up sign mounted to the top of high-rise building

02 Jul 2018

QBE Insurance Sky Signage

Large-scale illuminated logos create brand presence in a busy cityscape. QBE Insurance stands proudly above Queen Street with two clean, conspicuous, radiant logos.

Team shop for Emirates Team New Zealand merchandise

01 Jun 2018

On board with our creative wall murals

Two super-sized wall murals for the Defence Force Navy Training Unit make a spectacular visual statement upon entry. The fitout itself is spectacular, now...

01 Jun 2018

Concrete vinyl that sticks around

Applying a decal to the irregular surface of a rough cast concrete wall and expecting it to hold may seem foolish, but we have...

Dying Art company car wrapped in a bright pink livery

01 Jun 2018

Reflective conformable vehicle wrap

Following Dying Art's recent rebrand, this magnificent vehicle wrap was designed in-house by Big Ideas Group, and printed on conformable reflective film so that...

Starship outpatient room wrapped with yellow designs and yellow walls

31 May 2018

Starship Hospital interior design refresh

BIG worked with DHW Lab to bring together Stage 1 of the Starship Hospital interior design refresh in the Outpatients Ward.

The Hits office signage with purple backlight

29 Oct 2017

Illuminated sign innovation a Hit

The technology that gives us the ability to customise our world at a whim, also taketh away such power when the remote control is...

Toyota being wrapped by the BIG Ideas team with a large vinyl wrap being prepared

29 Oct 2017

Preparation techniques for a quality vehicle wrap

This full vehicle wrap was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the innovative function of the JESANI® channels. Here, the sleek stainless steel design creates...

Orange and blue signwritten Ford Raptor for BIG Ideas

29 Oct 2017

A monster truck for BIG kids

Believe it or not, this flamboyant, behemoth monster truck was once an ordinary white Ford Ranger! It has little kids (and big ones) quivering...

Auckland Transport signage, wrapped on the top of a doorway

16 Sep 2017

Auckland Transport signage

When Auckland Transport moved into their new premises, previously housed by Vodafone, they needed ideas for the smartest methods to rebrand and give the...

Belmont Intermediate School sign mounted to school fencing

16 Sep 2017

School information signs

Belmont Intermediate School wanted to update their appearance with modern roadside signage to provide information on current events and wayfinding for visitors to the...

Life - A Church To Call Home backlit signage

15 Sep 2017

Life Church illuminated sign

Life Church Manukau required an illuminated sign that would integrate well with the building’s architecture and proudly display their new brand design. Our solution...

Keiser exercise machine with fully wrapped wall background

15 Sep 2017

Gym window graphics – One Five One Health Club

One Five One Health Club was looking for window graphics that incorporated a unique and vibrant print whilst also giving a discrete separation between...

Les Mils signage being attached with blue cherry picker

15 Sep 2017

Being Site Safe

With the growing importance of workplace health and safety, it’s imperative to me that my company is totally compliant both within our workplace and...

Team New Zealand yacht on foils, with signwriting applied by BIG Ideas

14 Jun 2017

Emirates Team New Zealand race boat

As a Kiwi business, we are extremely proud of our design, production and execution of the branding for Emirates Team New Zealand’s 50-ft catamaran....

Blue lighting outside the BIG Signage front door

17 May 2017

BIG’s unique neon sign

BIG is always brainstorming and sharing innovative ideas and new methods for the usual way of doing things. An idea we’ve had brewing for...

Gold gymnasium signage on black wall

17 May 2017

Hereford Residences Wayfinding Signage

BIG was invited by Love & Co to design up wayfinding signage and apartment numbering for Hereford Residences, which are described as "a collection...

BIG Ideas signwritten Mazda SUV, with blue and orange wrap

17 May 2017

BIG Vehicle Fleet Addition

Whenever we get a new company vehicle, you can bet it gets the royal treatment before it hits the streets! Our latest pick for...

LED lit building frontage with purple and blue lights

17 Mar 2017

The CAB lights up with Pride

Property developers Love & Co were keen to show their support for Auckland’s Pride Festival by illuminating The CAB Apartments at Civic Quarter with...

TVNZ LED signage light array

17 Mar 2017

When a logo becomes a digital screen

Following the launch of their recently revamped brand, TVNZ came to us with an exciting request: ‘living’ signage with customisable colours and graphics. We...

Signwritten stretched BIG Ideas beetle, driving down parade path with people in fancy dress

17 Mar 2017

Big Pride

Our VW Stretch made an appearance at the start of Auckland's Pride Parade as a support vehicle to transfer special guests back and forth along K'...

The Cab window wall, with graphic wrapped panels showing cheerful photos

01 Feb 2017

The CAB: Luxury Apartments right in the heart of Aotea Square

The CAB is a stunning new luxury lifestyle apartment precinct that has been developed at Civic Quarter, in Auckland's iconic former Auckland City Council...

Steel mesh spray booth

01 Feb 2017

Spray Booth Maintenance

Our spray booth is one of our workshop's most useful features. We've got some hot new projects lined up so it's important that our...

Hand with yellow sponge cleaning blue car

08 Nov 2016

Maintaining your signwritten company vehicle

Vehicle signage is the best bang for your advertising buck, and keeping graphics clean and well maintained will ensure the best return on your...

TVNZ office 7.2 window signwriting

27 Sep 2016

TVNZ Meeting Room Signage

Clearly-defined meeting rooms are essential for the premises of any large corporation. With a large amount of staff and many visitors passing through, effective...

Detailed silhouette design of NZ native birds flying around a flax bush - on a window

27 Sep 2016

Retirement Village window treatment

This Greenwich Garden Retirement Village window treatment – featuring flax, trees and native birds – was purposefully designed to allow privacy without completely...

BIG Ideas - Clever Signage van covered in company livery

27 Sep 2016

Big vehicle fleet addition

The behemoth Big Bob is the latest addition to our vehicle fleet – refurbished and rebranded – to be utilised as a nationwide signage...

RLB Packaging fleet wrapped in company livery

09 Aug 2016

Fleet signage

Vehicle signage is the optimal way to advertise your business, and will give you the best bang for buck, hands-down. If your company has...

BIG Ideas truck, with blue and orange livery

09 Aug 2016

Give your vehicle a birthday

A benefit of signwriting a vehicle is to cosmetically change its image, and keep up with your business's continually evolving brand. So give it...

Ross Hall standing in front of BIG Bite Lunch Bar signage

09 Aug 2016

Big Bite sign – Standing the test of time

The Big Bite sign was hand-painted, besides the words “Bite” and “Lunchbar” which were cut from self-adhesive vinyl which had recently been introduced to...

Front of Chrysler 300C in matte black, with gold bonnet wrap and accents

29 Jun 2016

Vinyl film: Achieving the gold standard

For BIG to to confidently specify leading products in the market for your projects, we need to do experimentation of our own. Our suppliers...

AC45 America's Cup Team New Zealand boat - with livery by BIG Ideas

29 Jun 2016

Emirates Team NZ AC45 race graphics

We are proud to reveal our latest collaboration with Emirates Team New Zealand: their AC45 development boat . This new boat livery gives ETNZ...

Minnie Mouse and Bart Simpson toilet door designs side by side

25 May 2016

Decorative Dunnies: Toilet Signs

Toilet signs are a necessary for compliance and convenience, but why not have fun with it. A creative injection, wildly themed, or just a...

Abstract dotted window frosting on glass office door

25 May 2016

Windows of Opportunity

Window decals serve their purpose for safety compliance and privacy requirements, but that doesn’t mean they need to be restricted to a basic frosted...

Ross Hall standing next to BIG sign outside of premises, with large orange mountain bike

06 Apr 2016

Emerging Signage

BIG lives nestled in the heart of Wairau, aka Advertising Alley. So how could we make our brand shout above the visual noise?

Sanford branding on the side of a ship

06 Apr 2016

Sanford boat branding

Our boys worked aboard the fishing vessel San Kawhia to apply the new Sanford boat branding for a news report featuring the new onboard...

Advertising for In-Sink-Erator signage attached to wall panels

06 Apr 2016

Parex Retail Displays

The shelving unit retail displays we have created for Parex to display Insinkerator and Schweigen products are sleek, stylish and visually effective, giving these...

Large roadside plinth for Massey University, with digital screen attached

03 Feb 2016

Massey University Roadside Plinth

Massey University is proud to reveal their new landmark roadside sign, a project two years in the making. A majestic steel framed sign, weighing...

ZM branded wall and window wrap at NZME offices

17 Dec 2015

NZME. New Building Fitout

BIG came on board early in the piece and worked closely with NZME.’s internal design team as they developed wild and outrageous creative concepts...

BIG Ideas premises with sign written van and workshop

15 Nov 2015

BIG’s new office fitout

We are loving our new purpose-built office fitout at 110 Wairau Rd, Wairau Valley. There is an injection of soul-tickling creativity around every corner.

Baycorp black and blue signage on white background

02 Nov 2015

Baycorp office signage

Baycorp came to us with some ideas for rebranding office signage at the entrance to their building.  This was an interesting job because of...

NZME illuminated signage on exterior of building

28 Oct 2015

Creating Memorable Business Signs

The purpose of advertising is to increase the public's awareness of you. What better way than through good signage? Most business signs are well-proportioned, carefully...

We're moving to a new home - new building message

28 Sep 2015

Big Ideas Group’s new home

We are excited to announce that Big Ideas Group is moving to a new purpose-built workplace!

Signage 101 fonts banner badge

20 Sep 2015

Questions about fonts

This handy blog will answer pretty much all your questions about fonts. Why are they so important, how to avoid issues, how to outline...

Market, Clearance, Sale, Wholesale, Store - retail signage guide

14 May 2015

The Ten Commandments of Retail – including signage

Download this handy 'Ten Commandments of Retail' Guide from Spaceworks.

Les Mils wall wrap and window design

25 Mar 2015

Les Mills get BIG when they need results!

Big Ideas have become an integral part of ensuring our brand, and everything it stands for... Thank you Ross and team for all the...

Team New Zealand yacht foiling in the water, with team livery on boat wrapping

23 Sep 2013

Emirates Team New Zealand and BIG Innovation

"Big Ideas have been an integral part of Emirates Team New Zealand design family for close to 20 years", says Emirates Team New Zealand...