AJ Park’s
fresh new signage

AJ Park office signage

For AJ Park’s office renovation, BIG was asked to implement their new brand – designed by a creative agency – into their new office. This work involved wall graphics, glass graphics, wooden elements on the feature wall, acrylic letters for various room names, and LEDs for the welcoming wall just as you exit the elevator.

The colour chosen by the branding agency was a unique bright-green colour that was a challenge to match to any vinyl film or print. However, with our expertise in colour mixing, we managed to produce a custom colour in 2-pot automotive paint, to paint the various signs into the colour required.

The use of 3D elements in the office brings a dimensional and premium feel to the signage. With our team of project managers and signage production experts, we have successfully implemented their new brand into their office, creating a fresh new look.