Ball Blaster
Lake Taupō

Ball Blaster Lake Taupo

The Lake Taupō Hole in One Challenge is a popular attraction for anyone looking to test their golfing aim. Now there’s a new challenge for those who aren’t so keen on swinging a golf club.

The Ball Blaster is a one-of-a-kind golfing experience – shooting golf balls onto a pontoon on the beautiful Lake Taupō for a chance at winning a prize of $10k.

Being at the forefront of innovative problem solving, BIG came up with the idea of a golf ball launcher that uses pressurised air. With a combination of some creative juice, engineering brilliance, 3D printing technology and a little bit of fairy dust, we crafted this unique shooting machine.

To create a visual showstopper, we developed a logo and graphics for the surrounding structure, and designed a sci-fi themed casing from aluminium panels to hide the inner workings of the launcher.

Gone are the days of being too afraid to swing a golf club in front of your mates. Take aim of the Ball Blaster, squeeze the trigger buttons and your ball sails towards that hole-in-one.

Now prominently featured as part of the Lake Taupō Hole in One Challenge location, you can try out this bad boy today and feel the power of the Ball Blaster.