Bentley & Co’s
internal shoreline

bentley offices light installation

Mark and the team at Bentley & Co. have assisted us in gaining many tricky Council resource consents for our bigger jobs, so when they approached us to collaborate with them for their new Customs Street office signage and graphics package, we jumped at the chance to work with them on the other side of the coin.

BIG designed the lobby area, which included wall prints, 3D laser cut text and a LED neon light feature, and worked with TOA (Tāmaki Makaurau Office Architecture) to bring the internal office package vision of intertwined historic and new Auckland City harbour and shorelines to life. This was achieved by a beautifully designed 10 metre wall print representing the new Auckland shoreline, which Bentley & Co. are lucky enough to have a front row view of from their new office, and then overlaid with an intricately routed plywood feature representing the topographical lines of the original shoreline. The ply feature was topped off with a strip of RGB LEDs to give further depth to the land/sea link. The large meeting room and other glazing were given delicate cut frosting detailing to compliment the main wall feature graphic elements.

The intention was to speak of the connection between the two fundamental elements of moana and whenua, and we think this was beautifully achieved in this joint partnership.