BIG Vehicle Fleet Addition

Whenever we get a new company vehicle, you can bet it gets the royal treatment before it hits the streets! Our latest pick for our vehicle fleet is a 2017 Hyundai Tucson Elite – practical and smart-looking.

It was driven straight into our workshop and jacked up on axle stands. The wheels were rolled up the driveway to our neighbours Wheel Fix It, where the outsides of the rims were prepped and painted with 2-pot paint matched to Avery ‘bright orange’ vinyl. They were then put on the lathe and resurfaced to bring out the ali again.

The body was de-waxed, de-siliconed, prepped for graphics (what we would call a ‘quarter wrap’), colour-coded at the base in Avery Supreme Wrapping™ Film, supplied by Decrastrip. Computer cut BIG logos and text were then applied to complete the look.

The consistently simple and bold statement of our BIG brand compliments beautifully with the rest of the siblings.