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exhibition display

exhibition display

The marine industry has a certain distinct aesthetic, so when businesses come together for an exhibition, it’s easy to blend in to the sea of blue, black, and chrome. For this year’s Auckland Boat Show, long-time renowned publication Boating New Zealand wanted an eye-catching display. They came to the best people in town who know how to make them stand out from other exhibitors. We were given full confidence to come up with a concept that would draw in the crowds. BIG delivered on this promise, with a striking combination of hot pink and lime green, a unique design like nothing ever seen before.

We took the stylised “m” from the Marine Media logo and created a quirky table stand. This was constructed from high-density polystyrene, painted with acrylic paint to seal it. The tabletop is a signex panel with pins affixed to the underneath that slide into aluminium tube sleeves embedded into the polystyrene.

With the added attraction of a custom wrapped coffee machine, manned by Neil from Johnny Wray’s Coffee, the Boating New Zealand display stand was a hit on event day.

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