Display stands
for exhibitions and trade shows

wall art office signage

BC&F Dentsu approached us looking for a custom display piece to feature in their Cook St office. We executed it by router cutting oversized sheets of ACM. These were folded at a shallow angle to that they weren’t too obtrusive in their high-traffic corridor.

This is a striking art piece, as it stands at 1.7 metres high – about the height of a person – by 4 metres long.
BIG fabricated bracket system which attaches onto the back of the panels. As a result, the panels appear to float off the wall.

The custom display piece features dentsu’s core values, interwoven with their history.  In the client’s words:

“dentsu have one shared North Star and set of values which are the ‘8 ways to never before’. Our North Star – ‘An invitation to the never before’ – represents the long-term direction of travel for the whole dentsu group that we are aligning towards. This is complemented by a unified articulation of our shared values, a set of eight universal ideals that will guide our people and help us reach our North Star as one. The ‘8 ways to the never before’ are our new shared principles, our mission to be champions for meaningful progress which requires new ways of working and a cultural shift to transform our business positively for the future.”