Fleet signage

If you are looking for the optimal way to advertise your business, vehicle signage will give you the best bang for buck, hands-down. Consider where you would be prepared to spend your marketing budget in other forms of media, such as TVCs or newspaper advertising, and then think about how many cars, trucks and vans you see in a day. Vehicle livery is in-your-face advertising, seen by tens of thousands of customers, daily. When you break down the costs over the lifespan of your vehicle lease, you could be looking at only $1 per day.

Now consider your company’s fleet of vehicles, and the exposure of your brand through effectively designed, impactful signwriting. The key to optimising your presence on the street is to not think of your car as a company brochure, but more of a simple business card. Overall the message should be no more than your company’s logo, what you provide, and the best methods of contact.  Any more and it’s a dogs breakfast — any less and you’ve missed your opportunity to advertise.

The RLB fleet that we applicated recently is an excellent example of a clear, recognisable brand and message.

Talk to us about how we can make your company stand out at 100km/h.