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the hangar plinth directional signage

The Hangar is an award-winning coworking space located in the heart of Catalina Bay, Hobsonville Point. It’s uniquely built inside a historic seaplane hangar that overlooks the Hauraki Gulf. BIG worked with property developer Willis Bond to manufacture two freestanding plinths for this newly developed site.

Made from a combination of aluminium, ACM and an abundance of technical skills, this plinth now stands proudly at the entrance to The Hangar. Not only is it a practical design for effective wayfinding, but it also matches the aesthetics of The Hangar building.

The Catalina Bay plinth has been constructed as a notice board for visitors. The sections are changeable so that current events happening in Catalina Bay can be displayed. Also fabricated using the same methods, this plinth greets visitors arriving into Catalina Bay via ferry.

Would freestanding plinths be a great asset to your public space? Are you looking for a welcoming entrance or a place to display information? If so, have a chat with BIG today! We can discuss optimal solutions for your site.