Intangible Inspiration

Intangible Inspiration:

Four colours.
Four different divisions of a company.

An intangible idea delivered to us by Chorus to create a powerful impression directly from the 20th floor of their building. There’s no better way to create an impact on the Auckland City skyline than shooting for the stars...literally. It was time to illuminate the night sky.

We created lettering fabricated from 2mm powder-coated aluminium and standing 2m tall. Within these letters, behind 4.5mm opal acrylic faces, house thousands of digital LEDs that we wrote a custom programme to capture the exact colours of Chorus’s brand guidelines as it morphs from shade to shade.

Next time you’re in Auckland City at night, fix your eyes upon the stars. Chorus has left their mark on the night sky with one of the most advanced, digitally-programmed colour pieces that has never been seen before in Auckland

An undisputed impact

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