briscoes rebel sport store roadside signage

Project Overview


The Briscoe Group


Feb – April 2023




External design layout for signage
External router cut ACM signs
ACM flat panel supplier image signs
Signex painting and 3D entrance signage
Pylon graphics and organization of electrical work to light up sign
Internal custom made lightboxes and PVC banner
Floor graphics
Movable paylite sign with graphics
Fixed graphics of store fixtures
Wayfinding signage – ali frames with signex panels
gold medal winner 2022

The Plan

We have worked with The Briscoe Group for a few years now and have built a strong partnership that has led to them being one of BIG’s largest and most consistent clients. The Briscoe Group will come to us with plans for a new or current store and give us some freedom to create what we think would look most appealing and eye-catching for that location, with their brand guidelines in mind. We give them a few options and then can start the production process from there. Designs are for both the internal and external of the store, based on what the buildings and surrounds may look like as well as the store size and fixtures being installed.


The Execution

Once designs are decided upon, BIG gets to work in the production of the generally fairly large signage projects the Briscoe Group have. For external signage, there are generally very large entranceway signage that can be seen for miles. Large router-cut ACM letters make up the text with the addition of 3D Signex lettering that is painted in the signature Briscoes Group blue and yellow to add some dimension to their external signage. Internally, we custom-build backlit lightboxes to specific sizes that fit within fixtures to create great areas of interest in the stores. Again, custom-built wayfinding signs hung from the ceiling that can be seen from all directions in the store. As well as the signature Briscoes messaging and branded images in store on fixtures.


The Outcome

Our collaboration with the Briscoe group plans and our executions resulted in some stand-out new stores that look both, inviting, professional and on brand. We work with Briscoes stores all around the country in new store designs and revamping of current stores in all aspects to better the appeal to customers. We are very proud of the work we do to assist with the branding and advertising of one of New Zealand’s biggest and most well-known retailers.