Kings Plant Barn

kings plant barn building signage

Project Overview


Kings Plant Barn


May 2022 to July 2022


Kings Plant Barn Stonefields, 86 Lunn Avenue, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1072


- Aluminium and acrylic fabrication
- Glass graphic
- Installation of all signage from exterior building signs, plinths to interior wayfinding signage.
gold medal winner 2022

The Plan

Our collaboration with Studio Akin involves the manufacturing and installation of prominent aluminium signage and interior wayfinding elements to showcase the latest branding of Kings Plant Barn. The new base build store in Mt Wellington aimed to be adorned with these visually impactful features, providing a polished and friendly brand experience.


The Execution

Our team of skilled fabricators expertly crafted purpose-built aluminium lettering, meticulously colour-coded to a vibrant and almost luminous green, aligning seamlessly with the brand. Additionally, we designed and fabricated double-sided plinths with caged frames serving as base plates, while also creating internal directory wayfinding elements featuring a modernized Kings Plant Barn logo. Overcoming the unique challenge posed by the off-the-grid and fully self-sufficient nature of the building, enveloped in solar panels, we engineered a remarkable solution by affixing the lettering within the narrow 80mm gap on the gutter line, showcasing our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results.


The Outcome

Through our cutting-edge approach, we achieved a clean and highly recognisable brand presence for Kings Plant Barn. The simplicity of our signage design ensures easy readability and notable visibility, fostering a strong, appealing, and welcoming retail atmosphere.