Waimahara Myers Park Display

Project Overview


Auckland Council




Myers Park, Auckland CBD


Outdoor illuminated signage installation
Fabrication and illumination of edge-lit acrylic panels

The Plan

We were excited to take on the challenge when Auckland Council approached us with their concept and design for the Waimahara installation, featuring acrylic inserts and supplied stainless steel eel pots. The project required the fabrication and illumination of edge-lit acrylic panels to be integrated into the existing eel pots designed by others. The Council had a vision but needed more technical know-how to bring it to life, so they asked us for assistance.

The Execution

We set sail on a journey of experimentation, pushing the limits of edge lighting acrylic until we achieved the perfect balance for the desired effect. Our team meticulously tested various methods to ensure the lighting would be vibrant and consistent throughout the panels.

Once we perfected the technique, we seamlessly integrated the acrylic inserts into custom-fabricated aluminium housings. This integration was crucial to ensure that all wiring and fixings were neatly encapsulated, maintaining a clean and professional appearance. The installation process was a triumph, with everything coming together flawlessly. The precise craftsmanship ensured that the panels hung perfectly inside the eel pots, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the installation.

The Outcome

The result was a vibrant and atmospheric addition to Myers Park that exceeded expectations. Our collaboration with Auckland Council and artist Graham Tipene brought their vision to life, adding a touch of brilliance to the surroundings. The illuminated acrylic panels not only enhanced the visual appeal of the eel pots but also left a lasting impression on all who encountered the installation. This project showcased our ability to innovate and deliver high-quality, customised solutions, reinforcing our reputation as leaders in illuminated signage.