Building Signage

Branding and signage on your building is an ideal opportunity to promote your business and to communicate your brand identity.

Most commercial buildings have areas specifically designed for building signage and a passing audience ready to be wowed.

Optimal areas to maximize your brands impact:

An undisputed impact

  • Rebel Sport Building Signage
    Building signage exercise for Rebel Sport
    Rebel Sport has recently undergone a branding refresh, so they needed building signage solutions that pack a punch.
  • external signage
    External signage for Forrest Funeral Services
    Forrest Funeral Services requested a full external signage package for their premises in Browns Bay, Auckland. So, we proposed the best methods for giving their brand prominence in the heart of the coastal town.
  • rebranding
    Rebranding for AB Marine
    BIG took pleasure in rebranding the AB Marine with a simple, modern graphic. The new colours are striking, accompanied by a sleek logo device that emulates the style of boats of AB Marine's clientele.

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