Starship Hospital
interior design refresh

by  | May 31, 2018 | Office signageWayfinding signage


Big ideas for creative hospital interior design

BIG was approached by the team at DHW Lab – a fantastic collaboration between the Auckland District Health Board and AUT Design graduates, which brings together designers and those with clinical expertise to design better healthcare experiences for patients, families and staff – to work on bringing together Stage 1 of the Starship Hospital’s Outpatients Ward update.


We supplied samples of various media options that could bring DHW Lab’s vision into reality. The chosen solution of printed waves on Hexis Etch Frosting, 3M Translucent and IJ39, created fun, yet calming additions to this important part of the Hospital. These vibrant colours bands are welcoming whilst also providing privacy screening where needed. The addition of 6mm acrylic room numbers, painted grey in our state of the art spray booth, added another fun 3D dimension.


We are very proud of our team who worked through the night to ensure there was no disruption to the patients and staff visiting and working in the Outpatients Ward. We can’t wait to be involved in Stage 2!