The power of illuminated signs

There’s no doubt that illuminated signs give a building the best street presence possible — day or night.

Illuminated signs are a beacon for your business, whether it’s for brand exposure or a location indicator.

Auckland City Electric Vehicles (ACEV) has a new indoor showroom on Barry’s Point Road, Auckland. These premises host fantastic examples of the most effective methods of illuminated signage.

ACEV came to BIG with their existing brand. We gave it the stellar treatment, proposing visuals of illuminated signs for optimal exposure on this premium North Shore site. We presented the building in two-tone, colour-coded to the brand, for a cohesive finish. Boxed hedges at the front made the premises look smart and welcoming. We love it when the client trusts our judgement and expertise. It’s so much more rewarding to see it in reality!


The most unique feature of this project is the three different techniques: From old-school to the latest in technology.

The street-facing sign features two methods of illumination. Modern backlit LEDs set in custom-shaped aluminium trays make up the green “AC” lettering. The “EV” letters, also set in trays, are illuminated with white neon.

Finally, the sign running along the hip of the roof is the original signboard. It was repurposed with the new brand and lit with floodlights. This sign was already in existence, so able to be utilised for optimal exposure. However, if it was a new build, it would no longer be compliant with current signage bylaws. ACEV is fortunate to have such an exposed and distinctive landmark on Auckland’s nightscape!

The ACEV showroom looks incredible at night. Look out for it the next time you’re in the area – you can’t miss it!