illuminated logo art

by  | Aug 28, 2019 | Custom projectHand Painted SignageIlluminated signage


TVNZ wanted to make their TVNZ 2 logo come to life, to bring excitement to interviews and be used as a promotional advertising tool that reinforced the channel’s brand.


BIG teamed up with Peter Stoneham, from Atom Timing, and Victoria University of Wellington, to organise 3D printing of the logos.


The file wizardry, generated by Peter, was an elaborate task. The university students then produced that file for printing, which took hundreds of hours of processing.


The blended colour finish was airbrushed by hand. Seven(!!) coats of 2-pot clear were applied to create depth in the logo. The addition of LEDs to the number ‘2’ was another unique attribute of the art piece. This is powered conveniently by cellphone batteries — producing illumination for approximately 30 minutes before needing to be recharging.


Watch TVNZ 2 to see the creative use of these sculptures.