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TVNZ Meeting Room Signage

TVNZ Meeting Room Signage graphic

Clearly-defined meeting rooms are essential for the premises of any large corporation. With a large amount of staff and many visitors passing through, effective wayfinding is time-efficient and reduces confusion.

These areas, where people gather to share information and ideas, are a great place to create visual excitement. So, OUT with minimalistic modular door slider signage, and IN with vibrant, oversized graphics.

This simple yet bold artwork, designed by Scott Compton from Warren and Mahoney, are a feast of colour and integrate beautifully with the interior design of the offices. The meeting rooms are uniquely identified by a numbering system and cross-referenced by the colour of the corresponding floor level.

The translucent vinyl has a stunning effect, allowing the light to pass through and cast interesting illumination. Dynamic colours always brighten and energise a working environment.

However, requiring 4.8 kilometres of specialty vinyl posed a problem as it exhausted the country’s supply. Fortunately, Computaleta saved the day by sourcing and air freighting all the Hexis film we needed from around the world.

By bigideas on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 in Office signage, Wayfinding signage, Window Signage and Graphics.

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