Preparation techniques
for a quality vehicle wrap

by  | Oct 29, 2017 | Vehicle signage


JESANI® is a stylish and efficient BRANZ appraised linear drainage system that provides opportunities and solutions for all wetroom designs.


This full vehicle wrap was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the innovative function of the JESANI® channels. Here, the sleek stainless steel door channel creates a clear separation between water overflow on tiled marble and dry carpet. The JESANI® logo, also designed by BIG, is simple, classy, and a clever depiction of the product.


A client that is promoting a high-quality product requires a flawless vehicle wrap. At BIG, our process includes thorough preparation time, skilful application techniques, and post-production finishing.


The vehicle was completely stripped down, including door handles and accessories, and thoroughly cleaned and degreased. The wheels were removed and colour-coded in a 2-pot automotive paint – charcoal grey to match the carpet in the digital print – in BIG’s fully heated downdraft spraybooth during the two-day graphic application process.


Once the full wrap was completed, the wheels and accessories were reassembled, and the vehicle was driven into our BIG bake oven for the post-heating process – cooked to perfection at 65ºC for 60 minutes.


Another BIG clever signage project!