Advanced digital
LEDs for Chorus sign

chorus rooftop illuminated signage

New Zealand’s largest telecommunications utility, Chorus, refreshed their brand last year to reflect the changing nature of the industry and their business. The new logo is represented by four different colour blends to identify different divisions of the company. BIG was enlisted to produce a sign that would display all four colourways from the top of their building, twenty storeys above Auckland’s CBD. So, we got to work, brainstorming the most effective way to display an illumination that was bright but uniform. Digital LEDs were the solution. They gave us the ability to programme the colours in accordance with the brand guidelines.

The lettering was fabricated from 2mm aluminium and powder-coated, then connected to computerised electrical circuits. The letters, standing approximately two metres high, are chocka with digital LEDs and faced with 4.5mm opal acrylic. This diffuses the light for a consistent glow. The primary purple colour was selected as the painted background for optimal exposure.

Commuters and visitors approaching Auckland’s CBD from the Harbour Bridge can’t miss the commanding presence of the Chorus illuminated sign. In the day, the contrast of white letters on bright purple is striking. At night, the digital LEDs put on a spectacular display.