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Advanced digital LEDs for Chorus sign

Advanced digital LEDs for Chorus sign graphic

BIG produced a sign to display the four colour blends of the Chorus brand identity from the top of their building, twenty storeys above Auckland’s CBD. Digital LEDs give us the ability to programme the colours with accuracy.


Suspended signage – Xero in on the illusion

Suspended signage – Xero in on the illusion graphic

Xero approached BIG with a unique signage request: A large construction of “suspended” signage above an atrium between two building structures. We jumped at the opportunity.


Catching attention with Honeywell’s illuminated sign

Catching attention with Honeywell’s illuminated sign graphic

When a building is exposed to 180,000 vehicles per day, it’s the ultimate canvas for brand exposure. Visible from the Auckland’s Victoria Park flyover, the Honeywell logo radiates with red four-block LEDs.


TVNZ 2 illuminated logo art

TVNZ 2 illuminated logo art graphic

TVNZ wanted to make their TVNZ 2 logo come to life, to bring excitement to interviews and be used as a promotional advertising tool. So, BIG engaged a network of talents to create 3D printed and illuminated logo art.


Emirates Team New Zealand base

Emirates Team New Zealand base graphic

The home for the Defenders of the America’s Cup 2021 is based at Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour. Big Ideas Group is proud to be an Official Supplier for signage. Take a look at the work completed so far!


The power of illuminated signs

The power of illuminated signs graphic

There’s no doubt that illuminated signs give a building the best street presence possible — day or night. Whether it’s for brand exposure or a location indicator, illuminated signs are a beacon for your business.


QBE Insurance Sky Signage

QBE Insurance Sky Signage graphic

Large-scale illuminated logos create brand presence in a busy cityscape. QBE Insurance stands proudly above Queen Street with two clean, conspicuous, radiant logos.


Illuminated signage maintenance

Illuminated signage maintenance graphic

Illuminated signage gives your brand ultimate presence on the skyline – day and night. However, these signs need regular maintenance to function at full beam.


Illuminated sign innovation a Hit

Illuminated sign innovation a Hit graphic

The technology that gives us the ability to customise our world at a whim, also taketh away such power when the remote control is lost. Here is our solution.


Life Church illuminated sign

Life Church illuminated sign graphic

Life Church Manukau required an illuminated sign that would integrate well with the building’s architecture and proudly display their new brand design. Our solution was a flexi-face translucent sign at the grand size of 9 metres wide by 5.6 metres high.


BIG’s unique neon sign

BIG’s unique neon sign graphic

BIG is always brainstorming and sharing innovative ideas and new methods for the usual way of doing things. An idea we’ve had brewing for a little while is a unique way of fabricating our new illuminated exterior sign. See what makes this sign different.


The CAB lights up with Pride

The CAB lights up with Pride graphic

Property developers Love & Co were keen to show their support for Auckland’s Pride Festival by illuminating The CAB Apartments at Civic Quarter with giant LED floodlights projecting a magnificent colour transition up the 20 storey building.


When a logo becomes a digital screen

When a logo becomes a digital screen graphic

Following the launch of their recently revamped brand, TVNZ came to us with an exciting request: ‘living’ signage with customisable colours and graphics. We designed and developed from scratch a unique signage system: a digital screen formed to the shape of the TVNZ circular icon, running on fully programmable LEDs.


Massey University Roadside Plinth

Massey University Roadside Plinth graphic

Massey University is proud to reveal their new landmark roadside sign, a project two years in the making. A majestic steel framed sign, weighing in at approximately five tonnes, offers a backlit sign board with huge visibility both day and night.


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