Winning Projects
at the Sign Awards

gold medal winners 2023

New Zealand Sign Display Awards

This month, the best in the sign biz came together from all over the country to showcase their favourite projects from the past year. It was great to see so much talent in one room and the quality of the submissions. BIG came away with seven awards, all of which are displayed below. We would also like to congratulate all of the sign companies who won on the night. Plus, a huge thanks to all of our clients and suppliers, we are so grateful to work with you year after year. Let’s keep winning together!

Emirates Team New Zealand – Building Signage & New Logo Design

GOLD for Shop Fronts and GOLD for Brand Creation

Emirates Team New Zealand approached us asking for a new look as their existing logo was some 20 plus years old. We started the process with a 4-hour review on the team, its forward direction, and vision for the next 5 years with the CEO Grant Dalton. This time that we spent with him was priceless, as it gave us an overall view of the team, the company and the direction we were being challenged with our design skills.

From this point, we wrote a reverse brief and presented back to Emirates Team Zealand just to make sure our engagement in the project was in line with their vision. Our design process then started. We did a presentation to Emirates Team New Zealand four weeks later with four wildly different concepts. After much deliberation, the design which we named “The Future” won.

From that point, the logo was quickly adopted as the new look and feel of the team for the international stage. It was “soft launched” onto their website and social media which quickly spread globally. After integration on social media, it then was introduced into every other platform including electronic, hard copy, on and off the water livery, clothing and base branding.

Emirates Team New Zealand – Race Boat

GOLD for Custom Wrapped Vehicles

Our brief was simple, create the future visually. Emirates Team New Zealand is the Defender of the 37th America’s Cup to be held in Barcelona October 2024. We were challenged with creating a world class graphic that would put Emirates Team New Zealand in forefront, visually, of the oldest sporting trophy in the world.

Our futuristic approach to the project allowed us to run with shades of teal and a moving pattern that represented the motion of water using black as a background colour to punch the graphic out.

The print was laid up in one 26-meter graphic on each side using 4 qualified tradespeople to stretch and bend it into shape over the ever-changing hull contours. Once the graphic was settled into position, the entirety of the decal was edge sealed to ensure its durability.

The final result is definitely the new direction of nautical graphics for the future.

Big Ideas Group – New Branding

SILVER for Self-Promotion

Introducing our bold and innovative new branding! We wanted to set ourselves apart from the crowd and create a brand identity that is truly one-of-a-kind. Our company has undergone a remarkable transformation, starting with a striking colour palette of black and bright yellow. This combination exudes confidence, catches the eye, and represents our commitment to delivering outstanding signage products.

To showcase our unique branding, we spared no effort in revamping our building, one that stands out in the neighbourhood with its vibrant black and yellow exterior, with an outstanding yellow neon out the front. It’s a visual testament to our dedication to being exceptional in everything we do.

Not stopping there, we extended our new branding to our entire fleet of vehicles. Now, as our vehicles hit the road, they turn heads and become unmistakable symbols of our outstanding work. The cohesive branding across our facility and fleet solidifies our presence and captures attention, leaving a lasting impression on clients and industry peers alike.

Chorus – Window Graphics

SILVER for Glasswork

Amongst a sea of colour, these windows take on a life of their own. Designed inhouse, we wanted to portray the fun of the Chorus colours with the hint of energy based around what the company sells, which is connectivity to the whole of New Zealand by fibre. Working within the guidelines, we were able to incorporate a subtle graphic in a colourful blended panel. We digitally printed onto optically clear film and laminated with the same material to create a soft, but vibrant look.

As you walk around the office, the coloured windows guide you from one department to another and act as a wayfinding device for different departments meeting rooms. Overall, it created the graphical connectivity for the offices needed that pulled a mass of colour and different technics together.

U-DEK® – Trade Show Stand

BRONZE for Exhibition & Display and BRONZE for Illuminated Signs

Our collaboration with the Ultralon U-Dek group has been an exciting venture, focused on enhancing the visual impact of their remarkable products at boat shows across New Zealand. Through our expertise in graphic printing and lighting techniques, we have created breathtaking displays that immerse viewers in an enchanting underwater experience. The result is a captivating spectacle that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

In addition to our creative efforts, we ensure smooth logistics by handling the meticulous packing and unpacking of the events. This allows us to deliver seamless signage packages that can be effortlessly transported to various locations.

One of our standout contributions has been the creation of unique illuminated plinths, which elevate Ultralon U-Dek’s products and make them unmistakable amidst the crowd. These attention-grabbing elements serve as beacons, drawing visitors towards the innovative offerings.

Together, our partnership combines Ultralon U-Dek’s pioneering products with our distinctive signage solutions, forging a strong and unforgettable presence at the nation’s boat shows.