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Kiwi Commercial Cleaning vehicles

Kiwi Commercial Cleaning vehicles graphic

Kiwi Commercial Cleaning is a New Zealand owned and operated business with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility. The vehicles needed to represent their company slogan, “Cleaning with Meaning”, and reinforce their values of giving back to the community.


Golf carts for St John

Golf carts for St John graphic

EmergeNZ requested for us to brand a group of golf carts in St John hi-vis yellow. They also required logos and emergency strips. The carts are intended to be used as emergency vehicles during sporting events.


Bus wraps for Auckland Transport

Bus wraps for Auckland Transport graphic

With the advent of custom wrapping films for cars, it has opened the market up for other transportation modes. We wrapped a bus for Auckland Transport, from the red City Link to the vibrant lime green Inner Link.


Reflective conformable vehicle wrap

Reflective conformable vehicle wrap graphic

Following Dying Art’s recent rebrand, this magnificent vehicle wrap was designed in-house by Big Ideas Group, and printed on conformable reflective film so that it appears to illuminate at night.


Preparation techniques for a quality vehicle wrap

Preparation techniques for a quality vehicle wrap graphic

This full vehicle wrap was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the innovative function of the JESANI® channels. Here, the sleek stainless steel design creates a clear separation between water overflow on marble and dry carpet.


A monster truck for BIG kids

A monster truck for BIG kids graphic

Believe it or not, this flamboyant, behemoth monster truck was once an ordinary white Ford Ranger! It has little kids (and big ones) quivering in their shoes with excitement. Let’s break down the transformation.


BIG Vehicle Fleet Addition

BIG Vehicle Fleet Addition graphic

Whenever we get a new company vehicle, you can bet it gets the royal treatment before it hits the streets! Our latest pick for our vehicle fleet is a 2017 Hyundai Tucson Elite – practical and smart-looking.


Big Pride

Big Pride graphic

Our VW Stretch made an appearance at the start of Auckland’s Pride Parade as a support vehicle to transfer special guests back and forth along K’ Rd.


Maintaining your signwritten company vehicle

Maintaining your signwritten company vehicle graphic

Vehicle signage is the best bang for your advertising buck, and keeping graphics clean and well maintained will ensure the best return on your investment. Here is some advice for looking after your signwritten company vehicles, and insights on what to expect from your signage suppliers.


Big vehicle fleet addition

Big vehicle fleet addition graphic

The behemoth Big Bob is the latest addition to our vehicle fleet – refurbished and rebranded – to be utilised as a nationwide signage transporter.


Fleet signage

Fleet signage graphic

Vehicle signage is the optimal way to advertise your business, and will give you the best bang for buck, hands-down. If your company has a vehicle fleet, imagine the exposure of your brand through effectively designed, impactful signwriting.


Give your vehicle a birthday

Give your vehicle a birthday graphic

A benefit of signwriting a vehicle is to cosmetically change its image, and keep up with your business’s continually evolving brand. So give it a birthday!


Vinyl film: Achieving the gold standard

Vinyl film: Achieving the gold standard graphic

For BIG to to confidently specify leading products in the market for your projects, we need to do experimentation of our own. Our suppliers are constantly developing new products – such as vinyl film – which are then provided to the industry almost on a daily basis.


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