Golf carts
for St John

st john golf carts event vehicles

EmergeNZ requested for us to brand a group of golf carts in theSt John hi-vis yellow. They also required logos and emergency strips. The carts will be used as emergency vehicles during sporting events.

The golf carts had to be completely disassembled for colouring because of their intricate interior structure. This is unique, as regular vehicle wraps only require certain accessories to be removed.

Ordinarily, we would wrap the carts in vinyl, but because they were taken to pieces, we decided would be more efficient to spray paint them. The colour spec is RAL 1016 (Sulfur Yellow). This is an electric yellowish-green that commands urgency.

Then, out of the booth and onto our worktable, we put the golf carts together again. Our signage technicians applied the emergency strips and St John branding. The emergency strip needed to match the vivid greenish-yellow paint colour. We used a specified product called Avery V-8000 VisiFlex Reflective Yellow/Green. This colour is specially created with a blue transfer film applied to a reflective yellow film.

After much hard work from our team, ensuring that the vinyl films are aligned perfectly as per the visual supplied by the client, we have the finished product! Elegantly branded St John golf carts, ready to take on the field.