Bus wraps for Auckland Transport

With the advent of custom wrapping films for cars, it has opened the market up for other transportation modes. We were approached by Auckland Transport to wrap a bus, from the red City Link to the vibrant lime green Inner Link.

For a unit of this size, the time spent off the road far outweighs the cost of the time spent wrapping the bus. Therefore we used an incredibly time-efficient conformable film. The entire process was achieved within a 5-working day window.

A great benefit to performing the entire process under one roof is the ability to transition from re-colouring the bus to applying the branding decals.

Preparation is key

The secret of producing a bus wrap with longevity comes down to the preparation of the vehicle. We start the process with washing the bus entirely with a citrus cleaner solution. All the nooks and crannies must be well-scrubbed to remove any road film, grease or grime. When the vehicle has been completely dried it is then thoroughly wiped down with isopropyl alcohol as a final measure to remove any foreign bodies.

Then the vinyl can be applied. The process to wrap the bus is approximately 3-days work for three people. The vinyl must then be post-heated in any areas that are susceptible to lifting or popping. This is performed at a temperature of no less than 110ºC.

When the vinyl wrapping stage was complete, we applied the graphics to the exterior of the bus. This included the Auckland Transport logo and brand device. Along with the external branding, come all the health & safety messages which are applied to both externally and internally.

The result leaves no doubt, through the colour-coding and branding, what route that bus is dedicated to.

This was one of many bus wraps we’ve done over the years

See another bus wrap for Auckland Transport below — this one was vibrant orange.