Caravan graphics
for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

caravan graphics breast cancer
Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s latest initiative is a mobile unit touring the country to educate the public on the importance of breast screening for all at-risk Kiwis. The “Pink Campervan” has been mobilised to travel all around New Zealand, particularly to smaller towns who don’t always have the same access to health services as larger centres.
Breast Cancer Foundation NZ turned to BIG for ideas of stunning graphics to capture people’s attention and welcome them inside. Mindful of the vulnerability of the topic, we created a vibrant floral design which is both striking and comforting. The greetings feature in various languages to be inclusive and welcoming. The BCFNZ team also had the brilliant idea of building a drop-down section on the side of the unit for a “kids’ zone”, where we designed and printed activities to keep them amused.
The campervan came to us already painted in the hot pink of the brand. We colour-matched and digitally printed the floral graphics in clusters, and wrapped them around the sides for a seamless finish.
The outcome of the unit is visually spectacular. Our team is proud to be involved in this project that will help to engage, educate, and empower people to take charge of their breast health.