Myers Park
art installation

Myers Park Art Installation

It was a genuine honour for our team to contribute to the design and crafting of the illuminated Hinaki (eel traps), a focal element of the Waimahara public interactive art installation by Graham Tipene.

Situated in an underpass beneath Mayoral Drive at the bottom of Myers Park, the installation serves as a representation of the ancient river that still courses beneath the city.

Our large-format router was used to cut and engrave the edge-lit RGBWW light panels, which were then assembled into the aluminium frames crafted in-house.

“For now, we are giving visitors an ambient experience, themed around the remembering of water. Early next year, when we have installed the speakers and a microphone on-site, Waimahara will become interactive. “At that point, you will be able to learn one of two waiata and sing it in the park. With accurate rhythm and pitch, your singing will trigger another dimension of audio and light response. It will be well worth the wait.” – Hayley Wolters, Auckland Council Manager Public Art, Service Strategy and Partnerships (source).