Chorus interior

chorus illuminated reception signage
Warren and Mahoney called on BIG to create an interior graphics package for the fitout of Chorus’s new head office, that complemented the architecture whilst supporting the Chorus brand.
Utilising Chorus’s vibrant brand palette, we injected colour throughout the building to bring the workplace to life. Digitally printed blends provide partial privacy on meeting room windows and bursts of colour to otherwise ordinary spaces.
We created a light-bending ceiling-mounted wayfinding system that emulates neon tubing. These were custom-made LED flex tubes in a translucent silicon case that glow in a 360º radius, emitting a brilliant and even light source. As well as looking visually stunning, their purpose is to identify and navigate to different departments and groups with specific colours.
Key statements and values are mounted on prominent walls with unique reflective faces that create a moving spectacle, picking up light and shadows as people pass by. These were made with router cut lettering from 10mm acrylic with 3mm mirrored perspex affixed to the face, and spaced off the wall for a floating effect.
The hero piece of the office fitout is a specially designed two-metre wide infinity mirror that gives the captivating illusion of looking into a never-ending portal.
As the pictures demonstrate, we achieved our objective of capturing the essence of the Chorus brand with vibrant interior graphics and making their new offices an uplifting place to work.
office interior signage