Illuminated sign
innovation a Hit

by  | Oct 29, 2017 | Illuminated signage


The technology that gives us the ability to customise our world at a whim, also taketh away such power when the remote control is lost.


Our signage technician Blair came up with a great solution for The Hits illuminated sign, with a discreet slide-in cavity in the bottom corner to house the light-changing LED remote control.


BIG had taken down the sign from the previous NZME studios, refreshed it, then reinstalled at the new premises. New RGB LEDs were mounted to the back of the lettering for a colour-blending wash of light in customisable hues and sequences.


We fabricated a shoebox-lid style sign from 4mm ACM, colour matched to the same colour and gloss level as the wall behind it. The logo was then mounted 20mm off the face of the sign to allow for the halo of colour.


All wiring and drivers were concealed in the shoebox-lid for a tidy finish but also allowing easy access for future maintenance.