lights up with Pride

by  | Mar 17, 2017 | Event and Exhibition Signage and BannersIlluminated signage


Property developers Love & Co were keen to show their support for Auckland’s Pride Festival by illuminating The CAB Apartments at Civic Quarter (read about our involvement in this project here). 48 hours from idea to inception: exterior illumination with giant LED floodlights projecting a magnificent colour transition up the 20 storeys.


Additionally, the internal stairwell section of the building is an open glass space which is very visible from the city centre, so another great canvas for colour treatment. Fluoro tubes of various colours installed on each level in a rainbow arrangement created an amazing visual effect with incredible colour density.


As we all regathered to admire our handiwork, Love & Co made the suggestion of creating a viral video to share this visual feast through social media. After a number of phone calls and a flurry of messages, within the space of 16 hours we had professional dancers from the Apollo Theatre Company lined up, plus a few family fill-ins, to cast intriguing silhouettes on each level of the stairwell in The CAB. After more than an hour of non-stop boogieing, a one-minute promo video was developed. This impromptu event was loads of fun and we all congratulated ourselves over celebratory drinks afterwards.