When a logo becomes a digital screen

Following the launch of their recently revamped brand, TVNZ came to us with an exciting request: ‘living’ signage with customisable colours and graphics.

BIG designed and developed from scratch a unique signage system that would allow the graphics to be easily changed out as desired. Effectively, we built digital screens formed to the shape of the TVNZ circular icon, running on fully programmable LEDs.

The signage – one logo gracing each of four sides on TVNZ’s twin lift tower – consists of 16,300 LEDs which were all individually wired and programmed in sets of 50 to a screen, then computer coded into a unit that drives different colour sequences.

The signs are capable of carrying moving images, which are captured within the confinement of the logo shape. This signage is the first of its kind in New Zealand, and demonstrates the constant advancement of sign technology.

We had a stellar team involved in the construction this project, with Rodier for manufacture and fabrication, and illumination artist Peter Stoneham from Virtualight Ltd.

The signs, constructed from 3mm aluminium channel, were to be installed eight storeys above ground which was a great task in itself as there was no access to the tower from the roof. A colossal scaffolding structure was engineered to distribute weight across different sections of the roof and decks, enabling our installers to have the full access required. The installation involved various permits and road closures for crane access, and the whole setup was fully health and safety certified in accordance with current requirements.

TVNZ’s dynamic new brand features prominently on Auckland’s skyline with excellent exposure from Ponsonby, the SkyTower, and the soon-to-be SkyCity Convention Centre.