BIG’s unique neon sign

BIG is always brainstorming and sharing innovative ideas and new methods for the usual way of doing things. An idea we’ve had brewing for a little while is a unique way of fabricating our new illuminated exterior neon sign. The key difference here is that the neon tubes are laid out at a 45º angle within the logo, which looks striking during the day and produces an even wash of light at night.

Because of the prominent positioning of the sign on our building, with visibility from the Northern motorway 200m away, it’s essential to have a good coverage of illumination while also retaining the definition of our BIG logo.

The first step was to create a paper pounce (like a pattern) of the BIG logo at 100% size. The neon was then made to size, in 35 pieces. We’re not going to pretend this puzzle was easy to work with, but it was so worth it for the final effect.

Fabricated by Rodier from 3mm aluminium sheet, the sign was then configured as a channel letter and powder-coated white.

We arranged a Hiab crane to assist with the installation (coincidentally the same day the cyclone came to visit), which picked up the sign and manoeuvred it to the marked-out position on the building. Both the building wall and the sign had been pre-wired so once up there it was just a matter of making connections.

Kudos to BIG sign technician Blair for his ideas and research, and using his expertise to oversee the project and make it buzz with life.

Never content with the amount of overall light attraction, we then added some blue neon tubes underneath the entrance canopy to attract customers like moths to a flame. Once again, we are claiming aesthetic ownership of the Valley.