Emirates Team NZ AC45 race graphics

Once again we are proud to reveal our latest collaboration with Emirates Team New Zealand!

The AC45 development boat was launched last week, and this boat livery design is our favourite yet. For each campaign, we go back to the drawing board to create a truly unique look for the race boats. This time our aim was to create the fastest-looking yacht on the water. The speed factor was achieved with sleek lines, dramatic angles and a bold, simple colour scheme. This new livery gives Emirates Team New Zealand instant recognition, while also allowing clear, uncluttered exposure for sponsor branding.

A team of four BIG application technicians worked over a three-week period achieving the seemingly impossible: lining up the graphic angles across the two sections of the wing and the two hulls – inner and outer – while the boat was in separate pieces across two different sheds!

With half a kilometre of vinyl applied to the wing and hulls, it was a jigsaw puzzle of a colossal scale. Hence it was a gratifying moment on launch day to see the race boat erected, with seamless graphical lines and logos aligned to perfection.

The AC45 wing is wrapped in a thin plastic film (fabric mainsails are long gone) which creates another challenge for the signage execution. Two different products were used in the application – 3M 180C for the wing, and 3M 1080 automotive wrapping film on the hulls. By chance, the vinyl colour we specified is aptly named “hot rod red”.

The race boat is also accompanied by two chase boats, featuring matching boat livery.

As proud as we are of this project, BIG’s creative design and skilled application for the AC45 is simply cosmetic (although we are convinced this gives it a speed advantage!), and the real kudos goes to the Emirates Team New Zealand crew for their massive efforts in creating a machine with ground-breaking technology, high-tech systems, and our world-famous Kiwi innovation.

In the words of CEO Grant Dalton: “Until this point the team has been working extremely hard under the radar from our container base tucked away in Wynyard Quarter, so for me and the team, the most exciting thing is that after all this time, since 2013, the people of New Zealand can now see the fruits of our labour flying around the waterfront.”

“You can’t miss the boat, and I am sure some of the speeds which we estimate it will be reaching will be nothing short of astonishing for people to see. This boat makes the AC72 from San Francisco look like a dinosaur.”

We would like to thank Grant Dalton and the entire team for their faith in our company and supportiveness while working with our boys. BIG is humbled to feel like an extension of Emirates Team New Zealand, and we will have our hands on our hearts with Kiwi pride when we see the cup brought home again.

Read the Emirates Team New Zealand press release here.