Silent Noise

Emirates Team
New Zealand Boat

New Zealand’s participation in the America’s Cup has become a strong thread woven into the tapestry of our national identity. Our Team New Zealand boats are iconic representations of our country, standing alongside other kiwi staples such as the All Blacks jersey or the Silver Fern.

The brief was simple: “take us to the next level”
So that’s exactly what we did.

Knowing that the technology of drones has changed the game in regards to outboard footage,we emphasised the AC75 deck graphic. We knew we needed to exploit this reclaimed visual real estate on the boats underside. Strong, bold design elements on the underside of the vessel punctuated with bright colours while paying homage to traditional Maori koru create an unforgettable visage, all while showing the world our sponsors that make this all possible.

We carried strong design choices from the twin counting T-foils to the top of the mast. Now the AC75 looks like she's doing 50 knots, no matter whether she's racing for the cup or docked in the harbour.

An undisputed impact

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