Helicopter Me – roadside plinth and more

Roadside plinth

Helicopter Me has taken up residence at the helicopter base at Mechanics Bay, Auckland. The company specialises in luxury transit, customised flights and scenic tours.

The airbase has been rebranded to Helicopter Me, with the main feature being a roadside plinth constructed at the front. The high visibility gives ultimate street exposure to the passing traffic.

Built from an aluminium frame and ACM cladding, the roadside plinth was erected with a special wire frame cage structure to slot into the ground.

Standing proud of a sleek black finish, the Helicopter Me and Eagle Flight logos were router cut for a more substantial appearance. There’s no doubting that well-made router cut lettering is the Rolls Royce of signage.

Building and interior signage

BIG also produced a large Helicopter Me sign at the building entrance and a welcoming logo on the glass door. Interior window treatments provide privacy, brand consistency and a liveliness to the decor.